People with stories and stories about people

People with stories and stories about people

I am watching her with curious eyes… I listen to her story mesmerized by her passion.
She is an outspoken lady who defends the right against the wrong, the good against the bad with straight forward affirmation. I see the leader in her. Her story is one of success.
When she speaks about her country her heart fills with tenderness, her eyes close briefly on the colors of spring in Armenia. Her cheeks blush when she suddenly gets transported to her home by the taste of Armenian apricots. “They have such a beautiful rich distinctive taste! A fruit made of sun and sprinkled with golden energy.” Her soul starts to wonder back on the well-known streets of her beloved Armenia. She recollects her happiness being among those who loved and cherished and left behind.
She chose a new land to set her life forth. A land where she found a new meaning for her home, for her people and their dreams, where they all are brought together and where they all enjoy the soft delicate sound of heart touching poem read in her sweet mother tongue. Music would chant their inner world.
She puts her glasses back on her nose. She smiles to me. She is a fighter. She is more than a survivor


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